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Have you seen CAT?

Développeur Max Martinez

[CAUTION!]Please be sure you are bored and have a lot of time really! Because "Have you seen CAT?" will kill your time too much!"Have you seen CAT?" is the SIMPLEST but the best TIME-KILLING GAME as you can continue playing forever!
[FEATURES]Find out the 2 TAILS CAT "NEKOMATA" in way too many CATS filling your display!- Just TAP to find it, but SUPER HARD!- Find also "Odd Cats"! There's one every stages.- Collect all "Odd Cats" during finding NEKOMATA!- Unlock "Fish Finding" after clearing every stages!
Challenge your friends to see who is the best ranked player! (Play with your friends off-line, though.)
After downloading this, you wouldn't say you're bored?!